In case you missed it, I’m not here anymore!

To read all about our baby, life, and family, Luke and I are levitra male enhancement co-blogging levitra tag line and 2009 advertisements at The Carbis Family.

And for your crafty fix, I’m blogging over at Number 19!! Come and say hi!

The start of one era, the end of another

pregnant carbis

The post title says it all- I’m pregnant. 12 weeks today, and entering stage 2!

We’re super excited about this new adventure we’re embarking on. Luke has already blabbed the news to his friends and family, but I’ve resisted the urge! I have held out to the date we planned to tell people on!

With our teaching/learning background, we want to create an online space for our growing family to each record some of the things they’ve been learning and thinking about. Now seams like a great time to start it as we document this little babies development in utero, and our adjustments to patenting life.

We’re starting a new family blog, Code, Craft & Cooking: The Carbis Family Blog. Here we’ll talk about how baby is developing, and growing, and all those baby things!

I’m not giving up on the craft blog stuff- no way! I’m launching a brand new blog- Number 19! This blog will be about creativity, so if you like the crafty stuff I do, then check that one out!

Busy, Busy, Busy.

The rest of this year is looking like it’s going to be pretty chock-a-block. A month or so ago it seemed like it would be kinda quite but now it’s all full steam ahead.

I’ve made the official decision NOT to defer next semester. There were a few deciding factors, the main one being that I FINALLY enrolled early enough in subjects that I was able to get into the photography course I’ve been wanting to do since the start of last year. That coupled with reducing our Korea holiday made me think that I’d be able to do it.

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you what I’d been working on all semester? The be updating this blog in the next few weeks and starting a new one, and with that I’ll start some advertising looking for quilters from around the globe interested in participating in the quilt. If you like quilting, send me an email. And if you have a suggestion of what I should do if more then one person from a country/region applies, let me know. Do I just pick someone I think will do the best job, make it first in best dressed, ask them to show some of their previous quilts?

I got my cooking mojo back the other day, which is a nice relief. I’ve been a bit out of it of late, but Jamie’s 30 Minute meals, and a lovely selection of summery foods on has snapped me out of it. I’m so inspired that I might even take some pictures and blog a few recipes I enjoy!