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A Personalised Embroidered Wedding Gift

A Personalised Embroidered Wedding Gift
A Personalised Embroidered Wedding Gift

Marcus and Emma’s wedding on the weekend was beautiful. I’m still on a high from having all my Gibson cousins together, and seeing two people in love get married. Marriage is such an awesome gift, hey!?

I thought I’d take a moment to show you what I made for them as a wedding gift. I embroidered this saying, and then included their names and the date of their wedding below. What do you think?

The saying is “Home is wherever you are…”. It’s meant to be like a husband saying to a wife “Home is wherever YOU are”, but in hindsight it just reads like home is wherever you happen to be at the time… :-/

But anyway, I thought their names and the date was a nice touch. The is glued around the back so this can just hang on the wall ‘as is’! We gave it to them with some of those cool thick white letters (an “M” “&” and “E” for Marcus and Emma).

handmade heart button wedding card

I also quickly put together a little card. This type of card is seriously SUPER easy and you can do it in so many shapes for so many different occasions. As this was a wedding I just used a hot glue gun to make the heart shape and stuck the red buttons in. I dusted it with glitter afterwards, which stuck to the bits of glue that were showing. Easy peasy!

I’d love to know what sort of handmade gifts you’ve made for a wedding. Let me know in the comments!

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Three = Leather

So we’re not doing the ‘leather’ gift idea, because ‘Europe’ isn’t the gift on any year, and well, that’s what we’re doing!

We’re having dinner tonight at our new favourite up-market local resturanut, Nephtali. If you live on the Sunshine Coast and want to go somewhere really nice, this is the place! Carpet floors, proper dining room chairs, linen napkins etc.


I don’t have anything truely amazing that I’ve learnt from being married for three years. I’m sure to some of you that seems like no time at all! I do know however that I live and work with my best friend, that we are together nearly 24/7, and that we don’t get sick of each other. I think that’s pretty special. We enjoy each other’s company. I like that. :-)



I’m pretty sure the next three years will be full of changes and adventures. But we’ll always be together. I’m looking forward to spending the next 70-odd years with you.



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Bunting: Inspired by Danimezza

Sometimes I feel like I am a glutton for punishment. The busy kind of punishment. I have two weeks until life stops and we have a break from regular life for a month. Two Weeks! I can’t believe it’s only two weeks till I’m on a plane to Europe!

That means it’s also only two weeks until I walk down the isle as bridesmaid for the lovely Carmen. Between now and then my list of things to do includes:

* Dinner with Mandy & Marty

* Craft Group

* Doctors (nothing serious- just more thyroid checks- eugh)

* Eyebrow wax and a Facial @ skin

* Two days of assessment development seminars

* A moroccan night @ Naomi’s

* Package up gifts for the mini-swap I’m in and post them

* Plan savoury food for kitchen tea etc. Cook said food (started making the breadsticks today!)

* Carmen’s Kitchen Tea and Hens Night

* Our 3 year Wedding Anniversary and a dinner (nothing very extravagent- we’ll wait till Paris!)

* Dinner and dancing practice for the wedding (can’t make the wedding rehersal because of work)

* The wedding!

* A #$*t load of work. Much more then two week’s worth!

Even with my crazy long list I’m feeling confident that I the next two weeks will be enjoyable and full. I love my life when it’s crazy.

I’m adding to the list is some bunting I’ve been wanting to make ever since I saw the bunting Danielle made over at Danimezza. I thought it would be perfect timing to make the bunting now and (if the other girls like it) use it for Carmen’s hens celebrations. If they don’t like it then I will just use it forĀ  other things!

Below: The fabric for the bunting cut into the triangles!


Yesterday I also spent some time with my cousin, Marcus, and his fiance, Emma. They’re getting married in April and asked me to help them with some ideas for their wedding invitations! I’m pretty excited to help them out, will be even more exciting that they’re thinking of using my scanart idea for the invitations!


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